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Centennial Residents - Westfield, Indiana


The forms, prices and information provided on this page apply only to residents of the Centennial subdivision, defined as any dues-paying member of the Centennial Homeowners Association.  

Activation & Emergency Contact Form

Use this form to activate the security monitoring service that is included with your HOA dues.  This form provides the central station with your list of contacts and phone numbers, which will be called in the case of an alarm event being triggered at your house.


Tip: Provide several emergency contact numbers per person to ensure that you can be reached in the event of a false alarm or an actual emergency.

Cellular Dialer Upgrade Contract

If you don't have a traditional telephone line (sometimes referred to as a "land" line), or if you are looking to cut costs by eliminating that line, you can still take advantage of the security monitoring service provided with your HOA dues. 

This product utilizes the existing base security system in the house and adds a cellular dialing unit which replaces the need for a phone line.


There is a one-time cost of $139.99 for the equipment and installation plus $5.50 monthly. Upgrade Contract

If you are looking for the latest technology home security and automation, the upgrade to may be your best bet.

This upgrade utilizes the existing sensors in the house (base system), but adds a new keypad panel with a touch screen (manufactured by 2Gig).  This panel communicates with our partner, to provide interactive features such as arming/disarming your system from your smart phone or via any web-connected browser.

Take a look at the website for more details. Home automation features require the Interactive Gold service.


There is a one-time cost of $299.99 for the equipment and installation plus $9.00 monthly.


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